In the footsteps of Steve McCurry

My brain stores a lot of images, it’s a quasi portable media bank. When I study pictures of other photographers, I often make a mental note of the composition or the concept that the photographer may have used. I don’t use this to copy the work but it helps me to recognise possibilities in image making when I am out and about. So when I came across this image of pole fishermen in southern Sri Lanka this year, Steve McCurry’s famous photo wasn’t far from my mind.

It was a real thrill for me to be able to witness this scene. The photograph may lack the dynamic drama of McCurry’s work, but it serves to document my own experience of being there.

Weligama, Sri Lanka 2015

Project 15

I’ve spent the weekend planning out my travel photo projects for 2015.  By Sunday evening I have booked myself flights to Indonesia and Sri Lanka! I am really looking forward to returning to Java to continue my ‘Panen-Harvest’ project plus a new series of portrait works. I also have some exiting plans for Sri Lanka, details to come once they are confirmed.

Photo: From the Dongeng Genteng (Tile Tales) project at Jatiwangi, Java, Indonesia, 2011.Lightroom edit of tile photos