Soundtrack To My Youth – Part 7 (Final)


Reflecting back over the past seven days on how music has been a soundtrack to my journey has been an enjoyable experience.  I chose to focus on the formative years in my life, from becoming a teenager up to the time I left Europe to migrate to Australia as a young man. It’s now 2016 and I have moved on from much of that music, while I still enjoy listening to it occasionally, the records that I have kept are now mostly gathering dust in an old milk crate. I keep telling myself ‘they are collectors items’, judging by the amount of dust they are collecting, I think I might be right!

These days I get to travel for my work and this has opened up my ears to new aural experiences.  Music to me is a bit like food, I get bored with the same tastes and I love to experiment with ingredients. So my current musical tastes now include Pansori from Korea, Gamelan from Java and Fado from Portugal.  My travel souvenirs always include a recipe and some local music.

My car radio is now permanently stuck on the classical music station and I am contemplating getting a cardigan! No … wait, that doesn’t sound right.  Forget the cardigan! I also love the fact that, thanks to the internet, I am also discovering and listening to contemporary classical western music.  Mind you, of late I have been listening to a lot of 70’s music again,  that is 1770, in Bach I trust!

But best of all are the days when I wake up to the sound of Philip Glass, played by my wife on the piano,  I know that the world is ok!

Morgan Schatz Blackrose plays Phillip Glass’s – Metamorphosis I