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Encounters is a visual poem told through a series of black and white photos.


Endure – Urban Change in China

Endure is a photo essay of Urban Change in China, it is now a featured exhibit on the Social Documentary website.
The online exhibit features photography by myself plus a short film that was produced with Morgan Schatz Blackrose and Shane Schatz.
To see the video, please select the Video/Multimedia section on the linked page.




untitled (traveling)

Pick something

All the stars

All the stars

Come pouring down

It is true                       I know it

Impatiently                        I wait

                                            I wait


On the bus ride home

The next day

She led me 

                                     Across the road

 How glorious 



To love beauty is to see light.
Victor Hugo

Desire – an online writing collaboration.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the online collaborative experiment.  The rules for the experiment were : Pick up the nearest book to you, don’t go looking for your favourite book, open it up at a random page and post a sentence from that page. Here is the result. 





The old man lowered his head to look for something, then took his cup in his trembling hands.   
I see a yellow duck looking at me!  
She is your sister, and you know very well that the law does not allow brothers and sisters to marry.


Charlotte s’éveilla dans la nuit, avec la chair de poule, le corps raidi dans les draps, les poings serrés.  
To illustrate his point, Jonathon opened his laptop and navigated to a site devoted to pictures of bronzed Israeli goddesses 
with high caliber bandoliers crisscrossing their naked D cup breasts.


art by Roman W. Schatz, mixed media on sheet metal.