The negativity of photography …

I have been experimenting with scanning old negatives on my flatbed scanner. I don’t have a proper negative scanner just an old garden variety Canon printer/scanner. I scanned the negatives on the flat bed, using an iPad as a light source. Imported the badly scanned image into Photoshop (finally found a reason to use it again) and inverted the file. From this point onwards I followed my usual editing habits. The results? Scratchy, fuzzy and grainy images. I think I’ll keep experimenting with this method. What do you think?

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About Roman W. Schatz

Roman W. Schatz is a Swiss photographer based in Australia. A frequent traveller, Roman has a particular interest in capturing time and place. Using the visual language of the photographic image, he believes that art is an international language that can be used to communicate the humanity that unites us all.

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