The Jeju Diary – My camera bag


I am about to embark on a month long photo hike to Jeju Island, the largest island in South Korea.  Jeju is famous for three abundances, or samda: wind, stone and women.  These three abundances will be my guiding themes for my photographic project.  I will be hiking on the Jeju Olle, over 200km of connecting paths that will take travellers along the south coast of Jeju Island.  This network of hiking tracks Is inspired by the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Here is my camera bag that I will be taking on the journey:

Olympus OMD EM1 with Panasonic 20mm f/1.7
(my main camera with only one lens, means I never have to worry about having to change focal length)
Lumix LX5
(My trusty, sharp, macro, zoom, landscape and always ready camera)
Fujifilm Instax mini 8 plus film
(The perfect ice breaker camera)
iPhone 4s
(It’s a phone, a computer and a camera … perfect)
Spare battery for the Olympus
extra SD cards
Polaroid filter
Camera cleaning gear
Business cards
Note book and pen
Swiss Army knife (I never travel without one!)

My camera bag is an old messenger bag that I bought about 10 years ago in Korea, I have many other bags but I keep coming back to this one.  It is kinda my Dr. Suess bag, old bag, new bag! It is now fitted with a camera box to protect the equipment.

Looking at the list it doesn’t look that light, considering I’ll be carrying a full back pack as well.  But this is about as minimal that I am prepared to go for this project.  I am not taking a laptop, only relying on the iPhone for quick editing if needed. (this works really well with the Olympus’s wifi capability) The phone also makes for a handy third camera. The Instax camera was a last minute decision and is a wonderful tool to break the language barrier. I love giving away photos to people that let me take pictures of them.

2 thoughts on “The Jeju Diary – My camera bag

  1. Good luck on the trip. Im sure you have enough cameras and equipment to cover the project! Sounds like and interesting journey along the trail. I have just finished reading “The year we seized the day” by two young authors that actually walked the length of the Camino in Spain. So I can imagine what you are heading into. Happy trails.
    Cheers Geraldine

  2. Hi Roman~

    This is Jim Saunders here from Jeju Olle Trail. I am an English language volunteer. I saw your message on Facebook’s Jeju Island Social and suspect you’ve had a few messages since making that post!

    Anyway I am writing to offer assistance while you are on the trail. Please let me know if you are getting lost, having trouble with accommodation or restaurants. Or even basic communication issues. I’ll do what I can to help out! I have walked the trails since 2010 and have 2 years official volunteer experience as well.

    Actually I run an English blog about Jeju Olle Trail ( The route guides for Route 1 ( and Route 21 ( might be useful for you to consult?

    Will you be walking the routes in sequential order? Will you be doing the -1 routes like 1-1, 7-1, 10-1, 14-1 and 18-1?

    I’ll find you on Facebook soon and be in touch.

    Enjoy your walking.

    Jim Saunders
    Jeju Olle Trail English Volutneer

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