Seeing Stars!

I checked the composition in the viewfinder; there were the stars, they always make me happy. I pressed the shutter and waited a few seconds for the photo to be taken. I was pleased with the result, I like seeing stars. Then it happened. I grabbed my tripod as the ground beneath my feet gave way and the camera and I came down to earth with a thud. I was seeing stars again. These ones I didn’t like so much! I misjudged the track in the dark, and found myself hanging on the side of a small embankment. Ouch! But my first thought was not about my safety,’ Oh No’ … I thought, in a slight panic, my camera, my new lens! Thankfully the trusty little beast is a tough bugger! The camera and lens that is, and we both survived with a few scratches.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Oscar WildeP1070325

Time – Space

I have been working on making images of time and it has been challenging. There are the clichés of time of the day, clocks, movement of light etc. But none of them have been really satisfying. Out on my early morning walk today, I remembered that my camera can do double exposures, thus allowing me to record two moments in time in one image. The resulting visual shift of space and time in the photo is getting close to what I am trying to achieve.

© Roman W. Schatz, 2014