The photographer, the paranoid and the lawyer.

As a professional artist I also take photos as part of my expression. The images that I take are often of people in public spaces. Most people usually don’t have any issue, or don’t even know, that their picture is being taken. In Australia, and for that matter, in many other countries, it is not illegal to take photos in and of the public.

Yet, in many people’s eyes, the photographer has become an embodiment of the pervert, criminal or even possible terrorist. Some shopping centres in Australia have now gone as far as to erect ‘No Camera’ signs; this of course does not include CCTV surveillance! All in an effort to make the public feel safe and un-distracted from the shopping experience, that is to spend their money.

Attached is an excellent article by Katherine Giles, a solicitor from Arts Law Australia and Martyn Jolly, Head of Photomedia at the Australia National University, who examine the paranoia that surrounds public photography.

The great little artists of Ulsan

Last Friday we finished our art and storytelling residency at Ulsan HFS with an exciting exhibition. Students from Reception through to Year 9 created wonderful text based art works, inspired by artists like Colin McCahon, Jean Michel Basquiat , Christopher Wool and Joseph Beuys. They in turn inspired us with their creations. Here are some highlights.



Every year for the past six years Morgan and I have been visiting the primary school students at HFS in Ulsan South Korea to run art and storytelling workshops.  This year the students are exploring issues of identity through stories and art works which are  text based.  I have shown the students artists that have used text in their art making,including traditional Asian calligraphy, graffiti art and modern artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly and Colin McCahon.  The students have taken to this challenge with great enthusiasm and have created some wonderful and thoughtful works.  I am looking forward to the final outcome of this project and the exhibition of all art works on Friday at the school.