The real thing

According to Duchamp the artist  … “does not really know what he is doing or why he is doing it. It is the spectator who, through a kind of “inner osmosis,” deciphers and interprets the work’s inner qualifications, relates them to the external world, and thus completes the creative cycle.” 1

The final work is thus created by the viewer who uses his/her analysis, perception and visual memory to creates the final narrative and meaning of the work. In this way the viewer becomes a witness to his/her own perceived reality.

1 NY Arts Magazine, Vol.6, No.12, December 2001 <>


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About Roman W. Schatz

Roman W. Schatz is a Swiss photographer based in Australia. A frequent traveller, Roman has a particular interest in capturing time and place. Using the visual language of the photographic image, he believes that art is an international language that can be used to communicate the humanity that unites us all.

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