The sweet sound of the Hae Gum at the airport

I have now overcome my jet-lag, I hope. The good thing about being in Switzerland this time of the year is, that when tiredness from lack of sleep and the time differences takes over, all you have to do is step outside, and the cold will keep you awake! My trip to Switzerland has been via one of my favourite Airports, Incheon in South Korea. It is the only airport that I have visited that offers free cultural show and activities. This time I was lucky enough to shorten the waiting time with a concert performance which featured traditional Korean music and instruments. In this photo the performer is playing the Hae Gum, Hae Gum is made up of 2 strings and played by a bow with the instrument placed on the player’s knee. The bow has a string of horse tail hair and is held by the right hand. The Hae Gum is called the “two string harp. Moreover, it is called “Kang Kang I,” so named after the peculiar sound from the resonance drum. It sounds like nasal human voice.


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About Roman W. Schatz

Roman W. Schatz is a Swiss photographer based in Australia. A frequent traveller, Roman has a particular interest in capturing time and place. Using the visual language of the photographic image, he believes that art is an international language that can be used to communicate the humanity that unites us all.

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